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The Quarterback’s Secret by Ruth Sims

The Quarterback’s Secret by Ruth Sims

Set in the mid-1990s, The Pride Pack is a group of teenagers who band together to help each other out in a time before teens were equipped with cell phones, when homework was done in a notebook rather than on a laptop, and when gay-straight alliances were nothing but a pipe dream. Athletics remain largely homophobic environments. How will his teammates react if 16-year-old baseball pitching star Ben Reis admits he is gay? And so he mostly lies about his sexuality even when he is with the Pride Pack at the local gay and lesbian community center. All that may change however as the result of his falling through a sinkhole into an unknown cavern and learning THE QUARTERBACK'S SECRET... Includes a foreword by Steve Berman and an interview with the author.


A Question of Manhood by Robin Reardon

A Question of Manhood by Robin Reardon

As he's grieving his older brother Chris's death in Vietnam and struggling with the secret that Chris was gay, sixteen-year-old Paul begins to work with a gay college freshman who helps him overcome his insecurities and fears.